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sslsniff 0.8 A tool to MITM all SSL connections on a LAN and dynamically generate certs for the domains that are being accessed on the fly sslsplit 0.4.9 A tool for man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS encrypted network connectionsHackers can use this backdoor to take control of your computer, copy data from your computer or to use your computer to distribute viruses and spam to other peopleTested on Linux, OpenBSD and SolarisBased on ModSecurity rules from OWASP CRSsergio-proxy 0.2.1 A multi-threaded transparent HTTP proxy for manipulating web traffic sessionlist 1.0 Sniffer that intents to sniff HTTP packets and attempts to reconstruct interesting authentication data from websites that do not employ proper secure cookie authIt can hook to an API in a process and search for a pattern in memory or dump the bufferopenvas-cli 1.3.1 The OpenVAS Command-Line Interface openvas-libraries 7.0.6 The OpenVAS libraries openvas-manager 5.0.7 A layer between the OpenVAS Scanner and various client applications openvas-scanner 4.0.5 The OpenVAS scanning Daemon ophcrack 3.6.0 A free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables orakelcrackert 1.00 This tool can crack passwords which are encrypted using Oracle's latest SHA1 based password protection algorithmFiles matching search parameters will be uploaded to the C2 serverTested on Linux, OpenBSD and Solarisdarkd0rk3r 1.0 Python script that performs dork searching and searches for local file inclusion and SQL injection errorsmiranda-upnp 1.3 A Python-based Universal Plug-N-Play client application designed to discover, query and interact with UPNP devices miredo 1.2.6 Teredo client and serverpgdbf 94.baa1d95 Convert XBase / FoxPro databases to PostgreSQL phoss 0.1.13 Sniffer designed to find HTTP, FTP, LDAP, Telnet, IMAP4, VNC and POP3 loginsAbout Privacy Terms Careers Help Feedback Sitemap 2017 IAC Publishing, LLC nkiller2 2.0 A TCP exhaustion/stressing toolkillerbee 85 Framework and tools for exploiting ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 networksnetmask 2.3.12 Helps determine network masks netreconn 1.76 A collection of network scan/recon tools that are relatively small compared to their larger cousinsUsing 3D Analyzer to play games without graphic Card Graphics card must have pixel shader ability of 1.1 or greater for program to runWith FUSE capabilities built inuniofuzz 1337 The universal fuzzing tool for browsers, web services, files, programs and network services/ports uniscan 6.2 A simple Remote File Include, Local File Include and Remote Command Execution vulnerability scannerinfip 0.1 A python script that checks output from netstat against RBLs from Spamhausxssscan 8340.db8ef4a Command line tool for detection of XSS attacks in URLskhc 0.2 A small tool designed to recover hashed knownhosts fiels back to their plain-text equivalentsshellcodecs 0.1 A collection of shellcode, loaders, sources, and generators provided with documentation designed to ease the exploitation and shellcode programming processepicwebhoneypot 2.0a Tool which aims to lure attackers using various types of web vulnerability scanners by tricking them into believing that they have found a vulnerability on a hostTop 4 download >> Network & Internet >> Network Monitoring >> Micro Keylogger batman-adv 2013.4.0 batman kernel module, (included upstream since .38) bbqsql 1.2 SQL injection exploitation tooldirscanner 0.1 This is a python script that scans webservers looking for administrative directories, php shells, and more

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